Bar Pie Progress Shot - Fennel Saw-seeg and Giardiniera - October 2021

With Fall here and Winter coming, that usually means that I do *even more* pizza making than I do during the Summer.  The arrival of our Ooni earlier this year changed Summer pizza-making, but I've also been making a little bit of progress on my bar pies.  Here's a shot post-oven/pre-cut of fennel sausage across the whole thing and hot giardiniera on half.  Olive-free giardiniera, of course.    I was talking to Equation Boy/Man about this particular bar pie recently and he mentioned that (for some reason he can't quite explain) the little "orange spots of carrots peeking through make his mouth water".  Dare you to look at this and not have the same reaction.  

Last time I posted about my bar pies was in August - when I showed a cross-section and a little bit of the undercarriage.  Back then, I was using a cheddar for the frico edge, but I've moved away from that (for now).  Feels like a Winter thing to bring back at Dorianell's, doesn't it?  

I started on this Bar Pie journey earlier this year (March 2021) and feel good about the progress after these eight months.  Will really dial-it-in this Winter.


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