Divided and Transplanted Feather Reed Grasses on Patio Corner - October 2021

The Fall ornamental grass dividing season continues with a few more Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses.  I started dividing these grasses the last few weeks by taking some of the larger ones in front and back and dividing them up and transplanting.  Of the five larger ones in our backyard, I had already divided one of them and transplanted near our hops vine.  So, it was natural to take another one of the larger ones from this same area - in front of our kitchen window - and divide it up again. 

One of the things that I've been thinking about for a while is how we add some 'corner beds' to our patio and I've mused about using boxwoods.  But, in thinking about how I could use these feather reed grasses in a series of plantings to bring some cohesion to the garden, it seemed right to try a trio of grasses on one of the corners of the patio.  

I dug out a small bed on the southwest corner of the patio, removed the Automower wire and then divided a Karl Foerster Grass into thirds and transplanted it in the corner.

Number 4 on my 2021 to-do list was to improve the patio corners.  I talked about staining the planter box, but also adding some new beds.  I'd say this checks that box, right?  

I'm hopeful that this repeating pattern of the same grasses will bring some cohesion and tie the various beds together.  I still have a few more grasses to divide and transplant - so we may end up with a few more little colonies of these grasses in the beds.   Also...if I find small boxwoods on sale this Fall, I'm thinking of extending these beds out just a little bit and planting the boxwoods in front of the grasses,


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