Drumstick and Bulgaricum Allium Bulbs Planted - October 202

Yesterday, I posted photos of the Allium 'Christophii' bulbs that I ordered from Longfield Gardens and planted in the various beds around the backyard.  In that post, I mentioned a few other varieties of allium bulbs that I also included in my Longfield Gardens order.   Here's a look at the two other types of Allium bulbs that I planted.  

First, there are 50 Allium Sphaerocephalon Drumsticks.   Now that I think about it, I'm not sure that I actually planted Christophii bulbs near the Fanal Astilbes that I mentioned yesterday.  I'm now pretty sure that I actually planted THESE Drumstick Alliums there.

Here's the Astilbe colony that I'm pretty sure has Drumsticks now below:

Next up are 15 Allium Bulgaricum that I bought on a whim.

I stuck these in the ground around the pair of espalier'd Linden trees:

And in front of some of the Summer Beauty Ornamental Alliums that are right next to the Lindens:

In terms of total numbers, I planted 45 Christophii bulbs, 50 Drumstick bulbs, 15 Bulgaricum bulbs and 5 pinball wizard bulbs - for a total of 115 Allium bulbs planted this Fall.


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