First Fall - Amsonia Butterscotch - October 2021

Depositing a photo here in the [garden diary] of the mid-bed-planted trio of Amsonia Butterscotch that I planted earlier this Spring after buying them from the Morton Arboretum Arbor Day Plant Sale.  These three plants are planted in between a row of Fanal Astilbes and some Oakleaf Hydrangeas.  These are/were billed as being "garden stars" during the Fall, so I thought I'd share what they look like in early Fall.  You can see them below:

They're just starting to turn from green to yellow, so we're getting to that 'show', but the fine-nature of the foliage is certainly striking.  I'm excited to see these continue to grow up and out.  I planted them widely spaced, hoping to see them each get about 24" tall and 2-3' wide.  

Excited to tuck them in for the Winter after they put on their show and sure hope they come back in Spring for year two.


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