More Hicks Yews Planted - Hedge Mirrored in South Back Beds - October 2021

I recently came across some #1 Hicks Yews on a massive sale (these were sub $5 each), so I grabbed seven of them (and some other items) you can see below.  These seven join the other ones that I already have in as a hedge across the back and the recently planted pair that I'm trying to grow into a topiary.  I've had good luck with all of the previously planted Hicks upright yews not having too much trouble with drought, but they've had a little bit of rabbit damage over the years.

I took six of these upright yews and put them into a hedge that will span the back of this bed to the front and - when it grows - will be shaped into that 'swooping' profile that I'm chasing.  My thought is that this new section of swooping hedge will evoke the same feeling as the one in back and work to tie the garden together by repeating the look with upright yews. 

Here, below, you can see some of the yews set up for placement below:

For record-keeping purposes, here (below) is the tag for these Upright Yews.  Taxus x media Hicksii.  Same as the other ones I've planted.

These are now planted on a sort of curve that also angles from back to front of the bed.  They start behind the Chinkapin Oak tree (that will grow up and be limd'b up so these yews will be visable - and move in a western-orientation to bisect the Everillo Sedges and some transplanted hostas.  I could see another set of nine or so of these same upright Yews to carry the swooping/angle back towards the fence on the other side of the sedges.  

Below is an annotated version of the photo above showing the six Yicks upright Yews in the white ovals.  This area is mostly shade - so let's call it 'part shade' for now.

These will provide a little bit of structure, formality (when shaped into a hedge) and (importantly) evergreen foliage that will provide winter interest as this area goes dormant this Winter.

I'm going to water them in good this Fall and hope they get their roots established before Winter sets in soon.


  1. Your yard must be absolutely beautiful!!

    1. is quite there yet. but, we're on a good plan...


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