My Belgian Fence Espalier Photo - In Mizzou Plant Sciences Piece

Last year, I heard from someone from the University of Missouri who was writing a story about the art of espalier if they could use a photo that I took of the Belgian Fence espalier at Disneyland for inclusion in their piece on the Mizzou site.  At first, I wasn't sure *which* photo - because I've taken a bunch of them - but the one he was asking for was the second photo in this post:  the diamond-shaped one close to It's A Small World After All in Disneyland.  

That story ended up getting published last year and my photo was included here:

For those of you who have a little bit of interest in espalier or training trees, you should go ahead and give the story a read.  Head here to go through the full post. It is titled: "Espalier: Pruning as an Art Form" by David Trinklein - University of Missouri, Division of Plant Sciences. 


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