Dutch Staghorn Fern Mounted - Second One in Collection - February 2022

I've now put together my fourth Staghorn Fern that is mounted on a board.  But, just the second one that I've kept for myself; the first one being the tiny one I posted about last week. I gave the first two away as gifts, but after those initial mountings, I had three Staghorn Ferns in containers that I needed to do something with.  So, I got busy mounting another, large one. This is the third of four of the good-sized plants that I bought at Home Depot in February.  

I mounted this one - just like the other ones - on a board with a Sphagnum Moss base and 'volcano' using some fishing wire and drywall screws.  The board has a knot hole on it, so I mounted this one a little lower so you can *see* the hole in the mounting board.  Here, below, is the new fern mounted and hung on the wall in my office.

Here, below, is a profile shot showing how far the Staghorn Fern sticks out from the board.  One of the things that I've been thinking about is adding a sort of 'bumper' to the bottom/back of the mounting board to sort-of set the mounting board to be level/plumb with the wall.  Right now - you can see below) that the bottom of the board angles *back* towards the wall.  Which then tips the plant downwards a bit.  If I secured a board to the bottom/back of the mounting board, it would make the mounting board parallel to the wall.  

I attached this one to the wall in my office right next to the first, smaller mounted Staghorn Fern.  When you see these two side-by-side, you can really notice how big of a difference there is between the two.  I also added a written (in Sharpie) note on the back of both boards that reads:  Mounted February 2022.  That way, I'll have a quick reference to know how old these are when I take them down to water and feed each of the ferns. 

I have two more ferns to mount, but I'm going to wait to put together some cedar boards for the next two, so I have some variation in mounting materials.  


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