Wire Vine Container Indoors - Winter Dryness - February 2022

It was a little bit over a year ago that I posted some photos showing the successful reinvigoration of a wire vine that I had brought in from outside but had suffered some indoor, Winter neglect.  I give it a haircut to get rid of all of the dead/dry vines and it bounced back.  We kept this container in the screened porch almost the entire year - until it was brought inside in early January.  It went upstairs to our extra bedroom - which is where good plants go to die.  This vine was in great shape when it went up and it was, as expected, promptly neglected.  And dried out.  The humidity we have inside the house isn't high enough to provide the ideal environment for most container house plants.  So, I decided to bring it down and try to give it some life.  That meant that I submerged the entire container in a large bowl of water for about 45 minutes to completely saturate the soil and roots.  A day or two later, the dried, brittle fronds had bounced back a bit.  It wasn't complete rescue, but it certainly turned this vine around.  Here, below, is what it looks like currently below. 

We're still a few weeks away from getting back out on the porch, but I'm going to keep this one downstairs in our family room to keep an eye on it for the next few weeks.  As soon as I can reopen the porch, I'll move this one out there where it isn't as dry (thanks indoor heating with forced air for the low humidity) as it is inside the house.   Perhaps this Spring this plant may need a repotting and refreshing of the soil, too.  That's something I should probably include in my 2022 to-do list:  repotting and refreshing soil in the containers for all the houseplants. 


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