Spring (Or "Late Spring") Tree Canopy - Northern Illinois - April 2022

Earlier this week, we had some snow fall overnight.  And flurries flew during the day.  It didn't last long, but the temperatures have hovered around freezing all week and I keep hearing people talk about how we're experiencing a "late Spring" this year.  The grass has green'd up, some of our ornamental grasses (the feather reed grasses) are up, tulips have pushed foliage (but no flowers) and I'm seeing some buds swell on our shrubs.  And, I keep going outside to do little garden tasks, but I haven't taken on any large scale ones.  Planting a few things, cleaning some parts of the garden up.  But, mostly....waiting.  Waiting for the weather.  Some of our perennials are moving ahead - despite the temperatures.  I see hosta tips (some cultivars), Brunnera tips and (as I posted yesterday) even peonies.

But the trees?  They're still bare.  I wasn't sure how *normal* this is:  to have no leaves at all on any of our trees in mid/late April.  I don't have any posts in the [garden diary] or [tree diary] to compare to, so I thought it was time to stick an entry in here showing the backyard tree canopy as of mid/late April 2022.  

Below you can see the canopy that includes a mix of Walnut, Catalpa, Northern Red Oak, River Birch, Hackberry and (on the left..you can see the ones in my neighbor's yard) of what are known as Chicago Blues Black Locusts. 


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