Transplanting a Pre-Bonsai Juniper Shrub - April 2022

A few seasons ago, I planted a juniper shrub in the nursery pot IN the ground in an attempt to begin to grow some 'pre-bonsai' material.  I planted one that way and one directly in the ground.  Turns out, the one in the ground has grown quite a bit while the one in the nursery container has suffered.   Earlier this Spring, I decided to abanondon that pre-bonsai idea and just DIRECTLY plant the evergreen shrubs in the beds - that includes this Bird's Nest Spruce that I need to do the same way.  

While I was out planting the Green Giant Thujas, I decided to deal with the juniper the time I didn't know the species. I dug up the can and found this label that reads: Juniper Pfitzeriana Aurea.

Here (below) is a look at the one that I left in the ground and the hole from this juniper shrub:

And, here (below) is where I transplanted it:  next to the urn in the northside bed - which moved it a bit closer to the front/middle of the bed where it can provide some foliage contrast.


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