Ivory Prince Hellebores - Morton Arboretum Sale - May 2022

Day three of running through what I brought home from the annual Morton Arboretum Arbor Day Plant Sale last weekend.  Started with talking about how I prioritized shrubs and came home (first) with three Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangeas and two Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

#2 on my 2022 to-do list was to try to add perennials that had four-season appeal and I mentioned, specifically that I needed to buy more Hellebores.  Thanks to drafting a plan and bringing it to the sale, I'm really glad that I was able to prioritize both flowering shrubs and....able to fit in three Hellebores into the budget.  

Our plan calls for twenty (20) Hellebores (Lenten Roses) in two different colonies.  Listen...I really LOVE Hellebores.  But, they're ALWAYS so expensive.  I'm talking $20+ for each one.  And, the big box nurseries never carry them.  But, I needed to - as I said - 'bite the bullet' and buy some.  

We have just ONE Hellebores - Sally's Shell - that we bought in 2020.  It has been lonely.  Now, it will have three new friends - Ivory Prince Hellebores.  Their name is (according to Monrovia): Helleborus x hybridus 'Walhelivor' Ivory Prince.  Here (below) is a peek at two of them in their containers:

And here, below, is the plant tag that came with them.  I didn't grab a photo of the sign from the plant sale, unfortunately.

Walter's Garden calls Ivory Prince:  "Beautiful...vigorous, uniform, compact, upright, attractive dark green foliage with sliver veining".  

I mean...what's not to like, right? 

As for placement, these three will join the one that is planted in the northside bed under the large Catalpa tree.  It *may* require me to move the picnic table out of that area - which would open up a whole swath of bed.  You can see the 'slice' of the plan here - where it calls out the ten (10) Lenten Roses.   I'll get these in asap and look forward to enjoying them all season long. 


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