Trees Breaking Bud Timing - Spring 2022

Last week, I posted a couple of photos showing the timing of the Cherry Blossoms in our backyard on on small Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree.  This was the fifth of six growing seasons where we able to experience Cherry Blossom season.  Kinda nice.   

Before we get too far into the Summer, I wanted to post a few photos in the [tree diary] showing the timing of some of our trees breaking bud this year.  These photos were all taken on Monday, May 9th.  So, we can call that early/mid May, right?

First up - Dawn Redwood.  By May 9th this year, the needles were beginning to show up.  See below:

Here's another look at the Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree.  Leaves and flowers by early/mid May:

Below is the "Grampy Tree" - the first London Planetree in the far back of the yard.   The three smaller ones I planted at the end of last season that I'm planning on PLEACHING aren't this far advanced.  That has me a bit concerned. 

Below is the small Pagoda Dogwood tree that we also planted last year.  The leaves on this are small, but really interesting:

We have a weeping Redbud tree that I transplanted around the firepit last Summer.  It is tiny and not of any significant stature.  But, guess what?  It flowered this Spring.  See below:

The small Ginko in front (IB2DWs) has leaf'd out with tiny leaves.  The one that arrived cracked?  It has only leaf'd out below the crack. (ut oh).  See below for the front yard Ginko:

The Emperor 1 Japanese Maple tree (also back by the fire pit) has leaf'd out.  See below for how it has started.  It still has some way to go:

And for the final photo, here's what the Greenspire Linden buds look like.  Pretty awesome - maybe my favorite time of year for these trees.  Pinks, oranges, greens all come together.  See below:

A few other notes - without photos.  As of this publish date (mid-May), the Hornbeams have leaf'd out, but are NOT full.  Same with the Oaks.  Lacy, small leaves, but not full.  The Catalpas and Walnuts are JUST STARTING.


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