Cascade Hops Vine - Trellised - June 2022

#6 on my 2022 to-do list included the need for providing a more robust structure or trellis system for our one-year-old Cascade Hops vine that was planted last year.  Last year, I used a small, metal ornamental trellis that allowed the vine to get up about three or four feet off the ground.  This year, I was planning on providing a true, stand-alone trellis.  But...the growth of this vine thought otherwise.  

Why?  Because it grew like crazy and by the time I was getting around to thinking about which trellis to buy, it was too late.  

But, my 2022 to-do list still stood.  What could I do?  I decided to take the same route I took with the Belgian Fence frame:  attach some deck screws to the fence and wire up a grid on the fence to provide for the vine to grow up.  

I put in a dozen or so screws and wrapped green, outdoor wire around them in a box-shape and some cross-wires to make various ways for the vine to grow.  

How'd it go?  The Cascade Hops vine quickly found the trellis wire and worked itself up to the top of the eight-foot fence.  Eight feet of vine before mid-Summer. 

Here, below, you can see the wire and how the fine is using it to climb:

But, the Hops vine isn't stopping at the top of the fence.  Nope.  Right now, it is about 24" *above* the fence.  Just hanging out and climbing on itself.  See below:

While I feel like I've given this hops vine a good starting point with this new wire trellis.  I can't help but wonder if I need to do more:  and think BIGGER.  Do I need to build a custom trellis that extends well above the fence?  Like this?   What about some other shape?  Like a hoop? Or, should I focus on spreading the hops vine OUTWARD.  Making it take up more wall space/fence space than it currently does?  


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