Divided Dark Red Heucheras Along Garage in Shade - June 2022

Back in 2019, I transplanted a dark read Coral Bell perennial that I had in our urn container into the bed on the side of the garage and didn't think much about it.  It survived that first Winter and grew to a nice size.  Last Spring, I decided to divide it up into three plants.  This is an area of deep shade, so after dividing them, I didn't water them too much.  But, by Fall all three of them had survived.  Fast forward to this Spring and all three are showing new, dark red (maroon) foliage in the long, linear bed along the garage.  You can see them below:

This photo - while posted in early June - was actually take in early May before I mulched the beds.  One of my 2022 to-do items (#16) was to design with dark foliage.  These certainly count as dark foliage.  Another item (#12) continue to divide plants.  These are too small (right now) to think about dividing them, but I'm thinking they'll go on a two or three-year schedule.  

2019: Planted in container. Transplanted in ground in Fall 2019.
2020: Survived first season and grew bigger and more bulky.
2021: Divided into thirds in Spring and survived that first season post-division. Year one.
2022: Leave alone. Year two.
2023: Leave alone, but observe to determine if they should be divided in Fall. Year three.
2024: If not divided in Fall of 2023, divide in Spring. Beginning year one all over again.


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