Dividing Heuchera in Deep Shade - October 2021

Yesterday, I shared a look at one of the Moneywort plants that I transplanted from a container to our side yard.  It has thrived in deep shade. And....Last week, I posted (again) about dividing and transplanting some Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses in our front beds (under our Norway Maple) and talked about how one of my 2021 to-do list goals was to transplant some foster plants AND to divide up some of my existing perennials.  I've created 12 'free grasses' by dividing up what I have on hand and in *that* post, I mentioned that I also divided a purple Heuchera earlier this year - but failed to post about it.

The last time I checked in on this particular plant was last August when it had survived a full year after being transplanted the previous Fall.  But, earlier this year - right around early Spring - I dug up and divided this plant into three separate plants and put them back into the same bed on the northside of the garage.  

You can see that bed below with the three Heucheras tucked in with a couple of hostas and Ostrich ferns.  This area is right up against the side of the garage and gets very little sun - maybe the left portion of the photo gets a little morning sun, but it is very insignificant - so these plant companions - Heucheras, Hostas and Ferns - are doing well in this shade garden.    This area you see below, is just in front of the fence from the little bed that the Creeping Jenny is planted

There are three of them in there, but they may be hard to see from that photo, so here, below, is an annotated version with all three circled in yellow:

There's one other thing to note in this bed - that I wanted to track for next year:  In the orange circle, you can see a VERY small Maple tree seedling.  It volunteer seeded here and is (I think) too close to the house.  But, I'm also afraid to move it right now for fear of killing it.  I'm putting this on my 2022 to-do list tag, so I remember to go see if this thing makes it through the Winter.

Also...number 6 on the 2021 to-do list is to divide and transplant.  This helps push that one further over the finish line.  


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