Feeding Rhododendrons And Disneyland Roses - June 2022

Tracking for the [garden diary] as well as the 2022 to-do list a couple of applications in the garden.  First up is iron. Fast-acting iron. Chelated Iron. I applied this to the rhododendrons by the back stoop and the Little Henry Sweetspire out front.  Below is a photo of one of the rhododendrons where I peeled back the mulch and sprinkled the pelletized iron.  I applied this iron to both.

This is the product that I've used the past two seasons. (below) 

Next up are the Disneyland Roses.  This is the second application of rose food to my three Floribunda roses.  This is the second application of the season.  The first was in mid-May.  In the photo below, you have to look closely, but if you do, you'll see the granular fertilizer. 


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