Treating Lindens And Saucer Magnolia for Aphids and Scale - Summer 2022

Starting last Spring, I decided to be a little more proactive in terms of protecting some of our trees from pests.  That started with the Greenspire Lindens that are currently espalaiered into a horizontal cordon.  For the past few years, I noticed that the trees were being swarmed with yellow jackets and/or wasps.  Turns out, they were there feasting on aphids that are drawn to Linden trees.  So, starting last year, I treated both Lindens with five gallons of this tree protect & feed solution.   It seemed to work and there were no wasps around all season. 

This season - NOTE: I'm posting this in early June, but I actually did this project in early May, 2022 - I pulled back the mulch around the Lindens and made a little ring for the solution to soak in around the base of the trunk.  I made up five gallons of solution per tree and slowly dumped it on. See below:

This year, I also decided to treat the Saucer Magnolia tree out front the same way.  Last year, I noticed it seemed to be infested with Magnolia Scale.  So, I'm taking the same approach to try to inoculate the Magnolia through soaking the roots with this treatment - which I've read can be done with the same treatment for aphids.  See below for the ring I created around the multi-stemmed trunk. 

This is something that I've called out in my 2022 to-do list (#10), where I mentioned that I needed to continue some seasonal projects like treating these trees.  This isn't *all* of #10, but treating these three trees helps check the box. 


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