Where to Plant Tulip Bulbs In Fall 2022 - June 2022

This Spring, we had the most tulips come up that we've ever had in our garden.  That's because that I've planted tulip bulbs every Fall for the past few years.  Adding colors and textures and growing the area where the bulbs are planted.  Last year, I was able to snap a few photos of the current state of tulips, so when I was planting the bulbs in the Fall, I had a sense of where they needed to be planted to fill in the area.  This post shows an updated look at a few areas to focus on planting bulbs that I'll need to reference come Fall.

First, around the front of the Norway Maple, there's a bare spot between the two grasses you see where the rootflare enters the mulch.  As well as right in front of that grass in the center of the photo - to the left of the Boxwood.  I should plant bulbs in those two spots:

As we go around the Norway Maple, there's more gaps to fill in: Between the front of the tree and the Lemon Coral Sedum on the left of the photo between the border and the tree trunk can take dozens of bulbs.  

The next bed that has some spots to fill in with bulbs is down by the sidewalk IB2DWs.  These are pink, so that means that I can look at being thoughtful about colors.  But, filling in the gaps will help here:

The last spot is around our large parkway tree:  These are mostly clustered down around the streetside of the ring.  There's a gap on the northside you can see below:

And, when viewed from the sidewalk (below), there's a big gap around the tree on the sideway-side of the tree ring.  The ones on the street-side are all pink but there are other colors up near the sidewalk.

There's one more spot worth considering:  in front of the boxwoods.  If I buried these very deep, could I plant annuals *on top* of the bulbs and get both growing here?  See below for the area in question:


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