Drumstick Allium - Year One - July 2022

Last year, I planted a bunch of Drumstick Allium in different spots around the garden.  Some in front, some on the side, some in back.  Timing-wise, these are the *latest* blooming Allium that we have now.  All of other varieties have come and gone.  But these?  They're in bloom RIGHT NOW - mid-July.  

I'm sure what I expected, but these are really lovely looking flowers.  Small.  MUCH smaller than a globemaster or Purple Sensation.  And, really tall.  Like, a lollipop.  I'm talking 30" super thin stems with a golf-ball-sized bloom on the tip.  That SUPER THIN stem plus the golf-ball-sized bloom means that these things are swooping.  They don't stand up straight.  They're swoopers.  I kinda like them that way and it is something that I can keep playing with planting-wise.  They're VERY informal, so not what I normally see when I see alliums popping up.

Below, you can see a few of them 'swooping' across the All Gold Japanese Forest grasses - mixed in with the carcasses of the Allium Christophiis, too.   

Here, below, is another look at a few of the alliums swooping in the garden.

I think I'll order MORE of these this Fall when I put my order together.  


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