Guacamole Hostas - Summer Peak - July 2022

Over the past two seasons, I planted a total of ten Guacamole Hostas in a colony in the northside bed of our backyard.  These are planted under a number of trees including a large Catalpa and a large Walnut.  

I planted the first three in 2020.  Then last year, I tucked in seven more

Below is a photo showing how these are looking today.  They've put on size and most of them are showing that two-toned foliage that Guacamole Hostas are known for in the garden.

Here, below, is a photo showing this same spot 13 months ago:

There are a few spots that I could tuck something else in amongst the hostas here, so that's now on my radar:  companion plants. Something with a contrasting foliage and/or height seems right.  I'll keep this on my list of things when I head to the nursery for Fall sales. 


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