Helene Von Stein Lamb's Ear - Stachys byzantina - Planted July 2022

Up at Northwind Perennial Farm, my middle child picked out this Lamb's Ear from the bench and said that she thought we could use it in the garden.  Like everyone else, we're drawn to the feel of Lamb's ear, but haven't planted any in the garden to date.  That changed with this variety - Helene Von Stein.  See below for the sign from Northwind:

The sign calls out the size of the foliage.  And so do every listing on the Web.  This one from Bluestone Perennials calls it 'the biggest leaved Lamb's Ear around'.  

Because of the uncertainty around *where* this should go (note:  it is NOT in our plan), I made one of the biggest gardening mistakes:  buying just one.   

We ended up planting this in a little section of the garden that the middle child is (now) calling her own.  It is on the northside, in between some of the Viburnum.  See below for our (for now) solo Helene Von Stein Lamb's ear:

I'll watch this one for a bit, but I'm already thinking that we can add a few more.  I've posted about how I want to bring some Lamb's ear to the IB2DWs area - along with the Blue Fescue and Nepeta.  Maybe that's for a late Summer, early Fall planting?


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