Two Upright Hicks Yews Added By Firepit Entrance - July 2022

My number one priority for this gardening season has been to focus on adding shrubs to the garden.  That means both evergreen shrubs as well as deciduous ones that lose their leaves come Fall.   To date, I've planted 15 shrubs in the garden with the last ones being the set of three Little Lime Hydrangeas in the backyard.   When I was at the orange Big Box nursery recently, I found a table of very small (1# nursery pots) Hicks upright Yews.  I've used these all over the place in our garden, so I figured I could pick up another set of these to plant.  I mean...they were $5 each, so what's not to like, right?

The question was where to put them.  There are a bunch of places, but one that I've been thinking about is how we add a little bit of structure to the (current) entrance to our fire pit area.  We have this little mulch border that we've placed a couple of small pieces of flagstone that you can use to traverse from the lawn to the fire pit gravel area.  An evergreen shrub on either side of these little entrance - flanking the sides - would be a nice way to bring focus to this area, right?  That's where I planted these.  See below for the photo of the two small upright yews in the ground:

The Little Lime Hydrangeas were the 13th, 14th, and 15th shrubs that I bought and planted this year.  That makes these upright Yews #16 and #17.  I'll keep my eyes open for a few more shrubs this Summer and Fall, but I already feel really good about 17 shrubs as fulfilling my #1 objective for the season. 


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