Carex Albicans - Woodland Sedge Added - August 2022

The last plant that my middle child planted in her garden from Roy Diblik's Northwind Perennial Farm was a result of me advocating that she try something that Roy has (I think) made famous:  a sedge.  Or...a Carex.  She picked out a Carex Albicans. Here, below, is the sign from the nursery table up in Wisconsin:

It reads:  "Perennial sedge that grows in dense, mounded tufts. In late spring, interesting scaly flower spikes emerge.  An excellent selection for dry, shaded sites."

Below, you can see where she planted her Carex Albicans plug - just adjacent to the Helene Von Stein Lamb's Ear - Stachys byzantina that she planted in July of this year

By my count, I (now) have 12 sedges in our garden.
I also have a pair of Prairie Dropseeds, but those aren't sedges.  

In the post showing the four Bromides sedges, I talked about how one of my 2022 to-do goals was to plant more groundcover - focused on sedges.  At that time, I talked about how I had planted six plugs of groundcover and that it felt like 15 or 16 was the 'over/under' in terms of grading myself for the year. 

With this new Carex Albicans, I'm now at seven groundcover plugs planted for the year.  Still need to add more - which I'll post about in the coming days including a few new (to me) carex that I bought on the same trip to Northwind. 


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