Kentucky Coffee Tree Seedlings - Summer Update - August 2022

The last time I posted photos of the tray of Kentucky Coffee Tree Seedlings was in May of this year when they were just emerging from Winter dormancy and putting on some leaflets.   I overwintered this tray of native tree seedlings by digging them in the ground and wrapping chicken wire around the base to protect them from the dang rabbits.  That seemed to work.  

I've kept all of the seedlings in their original small (quart) nursery containers so far and have put the tray underneath a large Oak tree to provide filtered light.  And...get them watered when I water the perennials in the area.  Here, below, is what the tray of seedlings look like in mid-August 2022:

By my count, I see eleven small KCT seedlings.  And one Elm tree.  And some other weed.

This is their second full growing season and they've all had their stems/trunks put on real wood.  They're all very small, still.  And...they seem to have outgrown their containers and have roots emerging from the bottom.  Here, below, are some photos of the various sets of trees.

Here's a pair:

Another pair:

#5 and #6: 

Two more, plus that Elm tree seedling I mentioned below:

This pot has three.  Plus that weed growing on the right.  Photo below:

They appear to be at the stage of needing to either be transplanted to larger nursery containers or sown directly into the ground.  Or maybe a combination of those two ideas.  Maybe up in Wisconsin, where this is a large, empty plot of land that is screaming out to be planted.


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