King of Clubs - Mars Cheese Castle - August 2022

Ah, yes.  The King of Clubs cold pack cheese.  We meet once again.  Do you like Merkt's?  Then, you'll fall head-over-heels for King of Clubs.  It is - for me - the best of the cold pack cheeses on the market.  I first posted about it in 2017 and have made a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle on the regular ever since.  King of Clubs is the house spread of the Mars Cheese Castle and comes in 2# and 5# pails.  Yeah...pails.  ( least that's what I call them.  They're technically called 'tubs' on the Mars site, but if you're buying five pounds of cold pack cheese spread, then that's coming in a pail.)

There's no shrinkflation going on with the King of Clubs.  16 ounces is still 16 ounces.  

If you find yourself stopping at the Mars Cheese Castle on your way up to Wisconsin (and...let's be're going to stop, right?), grab a one pounder of the King of Clubs Sharp Cheddar.  Even if it isn't your thing, your Dad will love it.


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