Menards Halloween Hollow is Up - August 2022

It seems like Menards Halloween has come back this year.  After a down year (at least it appeared to me to be 'down' and likely due to COVID + Supply Chain issues), it appeared that - on our visit this month - they had TONS of new stuff.  This post is going up in late August, but our visit was on Saturday, August 13th, so they had all of their stuff up mid-August.  I've covered this in the past - here's last year

Below is a look at their Halloween village.  Of note, they've TOTALLY phased out all Lemax Village buildings and are now showing their own house brand of Pumpkin Hollow Halloween buildings and structures. 

Menards always has a good set of holiday inflatables and this year they're showing a new (to me) Disney licensed Halloween inflatable featuring the three Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus (and soon...Hocus Pocus 2).  It is just five feet wide, but costs more than $100.  Dang that Disney license.  

Menards is also selling a couple of tabletop Halloween items including this interesting water glitter vintage Halloween TV.  It is being sold at $59.99 and you can see the box below:

And, here (below) is a video of that Menards Pumpkin Hollow LED water glitter Halloween TV:

So...what did we bring home?  Nuttin'.  Say it with me:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.


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