Veronica 'White Wanda' - Northwind Perennial - August 2022

My middle child is my gardening partner.  She has created a little garden of her own in the backyard and each time I take her to the nursery, she's picking up a plant or two to add to her little patch.  She's 'getting to know' some of these plants.  Some work, some won't.  The last time we went to Northwind Perennial Farm up in Wisconsin, she came home with this cool Lamb's ear.  This trip, she bought a few different things including this Spike Speedwell below.  The sign - you can see it in the photo below- calls this Veronica 'White Wanda' Spike Speedwell.  But....I can't find anything called White Wanda out there on the Web.  Plenty of 'White Wands' like this one at Walter's Garden.  But...maybe this is a Northwind creation - they named themselves?  (Being a Marvel family, I'm not going to lie:  the name White Wanda kinda was a draw here...)

The sign above talks about this being a 'perfect height' for behind low-growing perennials, but in front of shrubs. the exact same description of the White Wands on Walter's Garden.  Hmmm...

This is a 1# plant that she dug in and planted close to the fence in a spot that has a view to the wide open sky.  We've been having some trouble with the dang rabbits eating EVERYTHING in this bed, so for now, I've wrapped it in a chicken wire ring to protect it while the roots get established.

This is tucked in by the Chicago Lustre Viburnum and a few other things (that I'll post about soon) that she bought on this trip to Northwind including her first Carex. 


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