Campanula Poscharskyana - Blue Waterfall - September 2022

On a trip up to Wisconsin recently, we brought home a couple of part shade perennials from Northwind that were destined to go into the Bird's little backyard garden that sits along the northside fence.  Both of these were new (to us) and will work in the understory section of the beds.  The first one is commonly known as Serbian Bellflower, but is listed at Northwind as Campanula Poscharskyana - Blue Waterfall.  See below for a look at the 1# plant that we brought home....and was PROMPTLY eaten by the dang rabbits. 

Below is the sign from Northwind Perennial Farm where they describe the plant as 'vigorous'.

What it doesn't, explicitly say is the word 'groundcover'.  But, that's what Bluestone Perennials call it: a short, mounding groundcover.  

#5 on my 2022 to-do list was to 'fall in love with groundcover' and this is another data point towards that goal.  As of late last month, I had planted 20 ground cover plants this season including a variety of different Carex'es.  This Blue Waterfall Campanula makes 21 for the season.  

My plan is to ring this in chicken wire to protect it from the dang rabbits this Fall and hope it gets established before going dormant for the season.


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