Late Summer Tree Caliper Measurements - September 2022

I posted the growth details of our front yard Bald Cypress tree last week.  Those photos and details are here.  But, I also wanted to get the rest of the measurements on all of our trees before they dropped their leaves.  #7 on my 2022 to-do list included 'capturing the caliper measurements' of our trees.  This post details the growth that I've seen on some trees and documenting other newly planted trees (since the last time that I measured).  

There are a few trees that we've lost and a few that we've gained since January 2020 - the last time that I measured.  At the bottom of this post is a series of photos showing the measurements.  

But, the best way to look through this is by looking at this table below.  Showing their Jan 2020 size, their September 2022 size, the growth in inches and percentages.  

First, the Hornbeams.  Most grew in the 30-40% range with the first one growing almost 70% (which feels like an outlier).  They're mostly >3.5" trees now with the last two - which get the least sun and the least water being *just* under 3.5" caliper trees.  Also, a new entry - the flowering pear at the end of the row that I'm using to 'fill in' the gap at the end.

Here are the rest of the backyard trees (below).  There aren't A TON of trees to compare as it seems that I've planted new ones and other ones that I measured back in 2020 have died over the years.  The Lindens grew more than 80%.  That's a lot.  The Weeping White Spruce barely grew, but it had a setback last year.  Same with the Kwanzan Cherry - that tree is troubled right now.  The Dawn Redwood grew more than 40%, so it continues to put on mass.  Some of the notable new entrants include the 'snapped' Ginko, a few small Oaks, four London Planetrees (one larger than the others) and the Weeping Nootka Cypress.  The smallest tree in our yard?  The 'snapped' Ginko.  Trees to watch include the Emperor Japanese Maple, the LPTs and, of course, the Weeping Cypress. 

And, lastly (for this post) are three front-yard trees.  The Bald Cypress is out of control.  And, the Front Yard Pear tree put on 1" of growth - despite being in so much trouble.  

The trees that have seen > 1" growth in 32 months include:
  • 5 of the 8 Hornbeams
  • Both Lindens
  • Both Flowering Pears
  • And..of course, the Bald Cypress - which put on 2.26" of growth

I still have to measure the trees in our Belgian Fence and figure out how to track the Saucer Magnolia up front, too.  


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