Transplanted Purple Astilbes - September 2022

Last Spring (March 2021), I planted some bare root Astilbes from Longfield Gardens that Nat picked up at Costco in the backyard.  They were Gloria purpurea variety and were billed as having purple flowers.  I checked in on them this Summer when I noted that they were pretty crowded in a spot between the trunk of a tree and some hostas.  I mentioned then that I wanted to transplant these this Fall.  

Well...Fall isn't REALLY here, but in my garden, I'm doing some of my Fall tasks, including transplanting and dividing.  

On a recent, rainy evening, I went out and dug the three Astilbes up and transplanted them over into the second row of my OTHER Astilbes.  Here, below, is what the area looks like with the three new ones planted:

It isn't PLAINLY obvious where the three transplants are located, so I've included (below) an annotated photo that I can reference next season when I start scanning the mulch layer for tips of new growth to emerge in Spring.  Here's where the three transplants are located:

Transplanting these checks one item off my [Fall 2022] list and provides a better home for these to continue to grow.  The foliage of these are more yellow than the Fanal Astilbes that are presently in this bed, but I'm not sure if that's due to sun exposure? 

As I'm watering in this section of the garden before dormancy, I'll be sure that these get saturated to give them a chance to establish themselves in their new home.  


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