Dividing Summer Beauty Allium - October 2022

Third in the Fall dividing for "free plants" in our garden post series.  First was the roundup of 22 hostas.  Then, yesterday I showed three net new ferns.  Today, I'm sharing a look at my first attempt at dividing some Summer Beauty Allium.  I have a couple of colonies of Summer Beauty in our backyard beds.  First, the one closer to the house.  I dug up one of the Allium and divided the bulbs to make a second plant.  I tucked the original one back in the same hole.  See below for the 'after' - the division came out of the Allium in the middle of the photo:

Here, below, is what the clump looked like:

I decided to plant this one trial division in the sideyard, in between a couple of the Disneyland Roses:

I repeated this trial exercise with another of the larger Summer Beauties in the further-back-section.  I took from the plant at the very top/middle of the photo below.  And dug it into the spot at the very bottom/middle of the photo below:

That's +2 new plants (Allium) - bringing my total to +27 for the season.    Pretty, pretty, pretty good.


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