Gladiator Allium Bulbs - October 2022

October is Fall bulb planting season.  Most years around here, that means tulips.  And last year, it meant planting some new (to me) Alliums like Christophii.  This year, I'm not doing tulips up front because we're doing some work with the large (but declining Norway Maple).   But, I did pick up two six-packs of Allium bulbs at Costco from Longfield Gardens.

These are Gladiator Alliums.  And they're new (to me).  

MichiganBulb has a product listing and provides some guidance on where to put these:

Gladiator allium stand up to 60" tall in flower beds of all kinds, and are delightful when these ornamental garden onions are planted in the back of the border.

Back of the border.  Got it.  There are more clues on the back of the packaging from Longfield Gardens.  They compare these Gladiator Allium to a few other ones - including some I have - like Christophii, Drumstick and Purple Sensation.

When I bought these, I didn't have a plan for where to put them.  I found this little look at a garden that combines Allium with grasses and some Lambs Ear and think it is something I can replicate.  Maybe IB2DWs?  Or in front, behind the boxwoods, but in front of the Hydrangeas?


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