Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas in Full Color - October 2022

As part of our initial startup landscaping installation, we put in five Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas across the front of our house.  Four in front of the porch - behind the inital boxwood row - and one over on the side of the garage - the corner where the garage meets the driveway and sideyard.  I've posted about them over the years, but I don't think they've ever managed to reach their peak color-wise like they have this year. the ONE by the garage has this year.  The other four have all struggled.  Because of the Norway Maple tree.  Of the four, one of them has died.  

 The Hydrangea by the garage? It is putting on quite a show:

But, the blooms are falling over.  One of my 2023 to-do items needs to be learning how to prune hydrangeas so they stand upright and stop flopping over.   I also need to replace the one that died up front.  With the tree being removed, the time is right bring these to their full potential.


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