2022 Christmas Season - Amaryllis Bulbs - November 2022

This past weekend, we went over to the local garden center to meet the Big Guy and his reindeer.  We've done this same deal a number of years and it is a nice way to start the holiday season.  In addition to having the kids visit with Santa for a few minutes, we also buy our annual allotment of Christmas flowers - Amaryllis bulbs.  These bulbs are big and nicely cared for and (this year) cost $21 each.  I'm pretty sure that when we started doing this, these bulbs were $15.  This year, we're growing three new bulbs as well as attempting to force four from last year.  I picked out one and two of the kids picked out their own, too.  

Below are the tags of the three we came home with:  Flamenco Queen, Magic Touch and Sunshine Nymph.  

These bulbs come nicely packed with a little padding for protection.  They're also MUCH larger than the bulbs you'd find in the typical packaged 'set' that includes a container, potting material and the bulb.  MUCH larger.  See below for the three new bulbs:

It wasn't until we arrived home and I looked at last year's post that I discovered that we grew the Sunshine Nymph Amaryllis last year and it performed well.  Here's a peek at this same Christmas flower in January of this past Winter

Below are the back-of-the-tags for the three new bulbs.  The Flamenco Queen and Magic Touch are Galaxy varieties.  While the Sunshine Nymph is a 'Double Galaxy'.  

We're going to get these new bulbs - and the stored bulbs - planted up this afternoon to get them started on their growing journey.  Here's hoping we'll have some blooms on/around Christmas this year.  


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