Dawn Redwood - Orange Needles - November 2022

The Dawn Redwood tree that we have in our backyard is turning from green to orange and is showing a mix of needles on the tree.  One thing that I've noted about this tree THIS YEAR is that it didn't seem to put on much growth.  Seem is the key word.  I'm sure that it did.  But, it just didn't make any meaningful leap like it has in previous years.  The top of the tree - the apical meristem - is thin and wispy.  And has taken on a curved or flop'ed-over appearance.  The last big 'leap' on this tree was in the Summer of 2019 when the leader jumped up.  

Back to the orange needles:  this happens each Fall.  Here's a post from 363 days ago showing the same green-to-orange needle transition.  We don't get a ton of oranges and reds in the garden - something to note - so this orange is welcome.  (We get A LOT of yellow and browns.)

Below are a couple of photos showing the emergence of the orange needles on this (now) four-year planted (planted in 2018) tree.  That's five growing seasons ('18, '19, '20, '21, '22).


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