Fall Oak Tree Canopy - Browns and Oranges - November 2022

This post is going up on November 15th, but the photos are from earlier this month - on November 3rd.  Thus...for YoY garden diary record keeping, let's call this 'early November'.  

Here's a peek at the large red oaks in our backyard - just about a year ago.  They were holding ALL of their leaves and looking good.  By early December, they had dropped *most*, but were still holding some.  Come Spring, they were still bare in early April.  

What do they look like this year - in early November 2022?  See below for the photo showing the brown and orange leaves all over our tree canopy.

We had a VERY big wind storm this past week, so the trees look VERY different today.  I'll post an updated photo - showing mid-November - in the coming days.  


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