First Three (New) Amaryllis Bulbs - Christmas Flowers - December 2022

We're about half-way between when we planted our annual Christmas Amaryllis bulbs and the big day - December 25th - when I would (ideally) want blooms.  This is a (partial) progress report showing the three newly acquired bulbs.  Why just these three new ones (and not the bulbs that I kept from last year)?  Because these are the ones that are showing action on the stalk growth and the three that are furthest along.  

All three of these bulbs were bought from Wannemakers in early/mid November and were planted up right around Nov 17th.  That puts these three weeks from their first watering.  And just over two weeks until Christmas Day.  Will any of them bloom in time?  

First up is the Flamenco Queen Amaryllis.  This is what I think is the most unique of the three - with green centers and white-speckled red petals.  The leaves and first flower stalk are up out of the neck of the bulb, but not too much height so far.  Photo of the mid-growth Flamenco Queen Christmas Amaryllis below:

Next is the Magic Touch Amaryllis.  This is another new (to us) Christmas flower.  And it is the furthest along of any of them with the tallest stalk and a second one emerging form the neck, too.   A few photos of the Magic Touch Amaryllis bulb with a new flower stalk below:

And, finally is the third one;  the Sunshine Nymph.  We grew this one last year, too.  It is the slowest starter, but it TOO has a flower stalk that is just about all the way emerged from the neck of the bulb.  Photos of the Sunshine Nymph Christmas Amaryllis three weeks post-planting below:

Two of the kids are growing one of these each and it is a lot of fun to have gardening projects like this with them during the holidays.  


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