Green Giant Thuja Turning Brown - Early Winter - December 2022

On a recent afternoon, I went to have a look at some of the garden to see how it was navigating this first part of Winter.  We've had plenty of hard frosts, cold nights and even a little snow.  Most everything has gone dormant, so I was mostly (on this trip) focused on having a look at the evergreens.  I went to the back of the garden to see how the three Green Giant Thujas that I planted this Spring were doing and noticed that one of them is doing...not so well.  See below for the photo of this tree (or shrub??) turning light brown: 

This one is the middle of the tree in the back - on the northside.  It was planted in late April.  I'm not calling this thing dead (just yet), but it appears that will be the case come Spring.  


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