Hicks Yew Hedge Height Update - December 2022

 Three growing seasons ago - the Summer of 2019 - I planted a row of VERY SMALL Hicks upright Yews in the far back of the yard.  I wanted to create a little structure back there and was inspired by a curvy, swoopy, undulating hedge that I saw here.  By last Fall (November 2021), they had put on a little bit of size and girth and I was able to document the current state here.  13 months ago, one of them - the fifth from the left - was at that time the tallest Yew in the row.  Today?  It still *is*.  

I wanted to mark the height heading into Winter - so I dug my spade in the ground to show the height in relation to the handle.  See below for the current height of this tallest Hicks Yew:

Above is a closeup that shows the very tip almost to the black rubber handle at the end of the evergreen shrub.   Getting tall, isn't it?


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