Mounted Elkhorn Fern - December 2022

A few days ago, I shared a mid-Winter update on my Staghorn Ferns and mentioned that I was going to share a separate post on the lone Elkhorn fern that I mounted in October.  First thing though....I'm pretty sure that the name "Elkhorn Fern" is probably misplaced.  This is likely just a variety of Bird's Nest Fern, but that's ok.  And...not the point - right now.  

This is a six-week update on the Elkhorn since mounting. And, it hasn't been pretty.

Below is a look at the current state.  Lots of brown.  And lots of unhappy fronds.  But, a really nice cedar mount.  

Not great.  See below:

Not great - at first glance.  But...upon closer inspection, I can see some new, small, thin fronds.  New growth?  

One note that I've observed in the past six weeks.  This Fern requires more water, more frequently than the Staghorns.  


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