2022 Google Maps Location Timeline - January 2023

Earlier this year, the fine people at Google shared an automatically-created "Timeline" of my travels based on Google Maps and the location tracking via my Android device.  There's lots of worth-while discussion about technology and privacy, but I think this is a pretty good use case for using the technology and information that you personally create by navigating the world into something interesting - and very personal.  I've posted about this recap in the past - here's the version that I shared in early 2021 that covered my COVID year including the 'stay at home' days.  There's a SHARP contrast between Jan and Feb and the rest of the year that the data shows.

What about 2022?  We did a little travel and I was back in the office more than in 2021.  

Here's a few looks at the data below.  First...modes of travel.  Walking vs. Driving vs. Transit.  Very little walking in January and February.  That's interesting. Similarly...though...driving was down in those months, too.  Transit during those first two months was NON-EXISTENT, too.  Guess I just didn't do much?

There are 24,901 miles around the Earth.  I went just under that.  

They also include a map showing locations, but I'm not going to post that.  It shows 3 countries visited, 108 cities and 381 'Places'.  

1 of 3 countries were 'new'.
49 of 108 cities were 'new'.
And...216 of 381 places were 'new'.


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