2022 - Year In Blogging - 365 Posts Everyday

The end of the year came-and-went and I failed to mark the closing of another chapter in daily blog posting here in my online diary.  If you look at the full archives over on the left rail, you'll see that I published 365 posts in 2022 - one for each and every day.  

I've written similar recap posts over the year, including last year.  2022 marks the eighth straight year that I hit 365 posts.  One everyday since 2015.  

With the first part of 2023 already behind me, it is wild to think that I'm now in my 19th calendar year of posting to this blog.  

I did a quick look and it appears that I wrote 307 of the 365 posts (84%) using the [garden diary] tag - up from 260 out of 365 (70%) posts in 2021.     

Posting here on my own little blog has been something that I have enjoyed doing - creating, writing and publishing - in a venue of my own.  With all the uncertainty around the Web and in particular (some people's feelings about) Twitter, there feels like there is a slight tilt-back to the blog as the vehicle.  I don't know if that will stick - largely because the platforms provide that built-in audience that a solitary blog does, but the internet is an amazing thing, isn't it?  I wouldn't underestimate the open Web in the long run.

For me?  I never left blogging.  What I did do, however, is stop writing for anyone but myself.  There are (still) no ads on the blog.  No affiliate links.  No one out there flak'ing links to my posts.  Just me.  Writing and publishing posts (mostly) about my own experience and learnings through gardening.  I don't know why I'd stop doing that in 2023.  But, who knows. 

Here's to a good growing season in 2023.  See you in the garden.


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