Flamenco Queen Amaryllis Blooms - January 2023

We didn't get Christmas blooms out of this Flamenco Queen Amaryllis bulb, but the wait was worth it.  I last posted a photo of this plant at the very end of 2022 and showed the stalk had shot up with a bud at the tip.  Today?  It is wide-open.  And has two of the most-striking flower blooms on opposite sides of the stalk that we've ever grown.  See below for a look at the Flamenco Queen with red and white-striped petals and a lime-green center.

Below is a photo showing that 'opposite' set of blooms.  And the two more that are on their way:

This is also - by far - the tallest, lanky-est Amaryllis we've ever grown.  Even after we 'poisoned it' with an alcohol mix in December.  How tall? It is showing blooms that are 25.5" above the top of the bulb.  See below for the measurement: 

It has started to lean, so I stuck in a plant support that you can see below.  The hard part with these Amaryllis bulbs and plant supports is that the width of the bulb forces you to stick the tip of the plant support WAY far away from where the stalk emerges from the bulb.  You'll also note that there's a second stalk shooting up that will give us a nice mid/late December pop of color.  

This is the first time we've grown Flamenco Queen, but it won't be the last.  I recommend this for a different, more unique Amaryllis for Christmas. 


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