Twinkle Toes Lungwort - Winter Dormancy - January 2023

 The timing of dormancy in the garden continues to be a real source of learning for me in our garden - with different plants moving at different pacing that varies from year-to-year.  One of the plants that I caught in the garden going through a transition this week was the trio of Twinkle Toes Lungwort (Pulmonaria) that is showing a mix of foliage that appears to be green and some that is showing pure garden death.  

See below for a photo showing the three Pulmonaria in early January:

This Fall, I moved these these three out further to the edge of the bed, so there is likely a bit of transplant shock, but based on what I've seen over the years, these are right on track.   Here's a post with photos from early March 2021 that shows a similar mix of dead foliage with the new growth.


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