Why Winter Rose Poinsettias Are All I'll Buy Now - January 2023

In early December, I picked up a 6" Winter Rose Poinsettia for $9 at the orange big box store and brought it home for the season.  We have - typically - bought a Christmas poinsettia, but when we came across the Winter Rose, I did a quick Web search to learn a little bit about this specific variety.

By now - late January - our typical Christmas Poinsettia is usually looking pretty ratty.  Leaf-drop, leggy stems, etc.    The Winter Rose promised a longer shelf life and that's turned out to be true for us - in a big way.  See below for the Winter Rose Poinsettia that is sitting on our kitchen table today:

I'd call this plant being in 'full bloom' - but I know it isn't blooming.  Those are leaves, not flower petals. But...still....look at it.  It is thriving.  

What's not to love about this pop of color well-past Christmas?  January and February are hard, hard months for growing, so seeing this thing do so well has really affirmed - for me - that the choice in the future is simple. 

What have I learned?  

I'll *only* buy Winter Rose poinsettias from now on because they're FAR superior and longer-lasting.  And, they cost the same as the traditional versions.


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