2023 Lawn Feeding Plan and Schedule - February 2023

One of the ways that I've used this garden diary is by laying out a plan or schedule that I can reference later in the season as a way to keep me on task.  I veer off-course way, way, way too easily, so these kind of posts are helpful in putting up some guardrails.  

The lawn has been one of the focus areas over the years and my approach has evolved.  I mentioned this in the post about the new Menards biosolids lawn fertilizer that is natural (a Milorganite alternative) when I talked about how I've swung from all synthetics to all organics.  And now I've settled in the middle - and intend to use both.  We have cool-season turfs.  In the front, it is all Kentucky Blue Grass.  In the back, we now have a mix of Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall Fescue.  And...(I think) some thin, whisp-y perennial rye grass. 

Here's last year's post about the plan - and I'll say that it was (overall) a positive year.  Mostly because of the renovation and Nimblewill removal/treatment in the late Summer/early Fall.   The easy-to-remember lawn fertilizer plan is to do four treatments:  Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.  Easy to remember, right?   I tweak that a bit and have extended on both sides of the season - getting out earlier and staying out with a super-late feeding (dormant feeding).

Here's the highlights of my current (subject-to-change, of course) schedule for 2023:

  • 5 Applications:  2 synthetic, 3 organic.  Six(ish) week increments + late extension.
  • Amend the back with lime and the parkway with biosolids from the Village.
  • Keep on the Nimblewill and burn out pesky weeds.
  • Treat for insects and grubs all over.
  • Cut the front a bit lower to see if it can handle the stress.
  • Do a second overseeding in the back in early Fall.
  • Mulch in the leaves and take rest to compost.

Here's the month-by-month look for 2023.  

March:  Apply Lawn Lime in the back.  Biosolids on parkway over salt + road debris.  Dig up Wild Onions as they appear.

April:  Pending the GDD calendar, apply pre-emergent + fert - 24-0-3 to front and back.  (#1)

May:  Apply insect granular.  May 15th. (6 weeks later) Weed and Feed - Synthetic - 26-0-3 (#2)

June: Apply grub killer.  Spot treat weeds like Creeping Charlie

July:  Near July 1st:  (6 weeks later) Natural bio solids summer  4-3-0.  4 bags. (#3)

August:  Treat Nimblewill with Tenacity and prep for overseeding.  Pending GDD calendar, begin pre-germination.  

September:  Sept 1st:  (8 weeks later): Natural 4-3-0. 4 bags. (#4).  Overseed back and front.

October:  Hire a pro to aerate both front and back.  

November:  Around Thanksgiving: (10 or so weeks later): Natural or Fall food. 4-3-0. (#5).

Material Required:

2 bags of pre+fert: $25/each. $50. Purchased.
4 bags of lawn lime: $6/each. $24. Purchased.
2 bags of weed+feed: $25/each. $50.
2 bags on insect: $10/each. $20.
4 bags of grub: $16/each. $64.
12 bags of natural: $15/each. $180.

$400 or so total budget + a couple of buckets of (free) biosolids + aeration service.


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