Forever Green Natural Biosolids Lawn Fertilizer - Menards - February 2023

We were at the Menards in Bolingbrook and wandered out to where they keep the bags of lawn fertilizer.  I was hoping to pick up a few bags of fertilizer and pre-emergent that I could put down late this Winter/early this Spring.  As I've talked about over the years, I've evolved in my approach to feeding our lawn.  When I started....I was all synthetic.  I used the four-step program - all synthetics and some with weed/feed combined. eyes were opened (thanks to YouTube) on organics.  Specifically Milorganite.  I started to use biosolids.  And, I stopped early Spring feedings.  And, did a late season (Thanksgiving) feeding.  And 'spoon fed' during the warm months and all of those things that people talk about online.   

Starting last year, I've kind of swung back on the synthetic --> organic spectrum.  But, only half-way.  I'll post about what I'm doing with the first application in another post.  That's NOT what this post is about.

It is about Menards sunsetting their Milorganite competitor:  E-Corganite.  It is no longer available.  With the price and availability of Milorganite going up and up and up and becoming more scarce, it was nice to see Menards get into the biosolids game with a Milorganite clone.  If you look it up on their site today, you'll see that it is discontinued.  

But, that doesn't mean you are out of luck.  In the same spot where the E-Corganite has been the past few years is a new product from Forever Green that is labeled as "Natural Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer".  The photo at the top of this post shows the bag.  Here's the product listing on Menards site that includes the $14.99 price per bag

What's the story with this stuff?

First..see below for part of the back of the bag.  A few things to note:

1.  It is made up of biosolids.   

2.  The N-P-K is: 4-3-0.   E-Corganite had the same 4-3-0.  Milorganite is 6-4-0.

The price of Forever Green is (current) $14.99 (without rebate) vs. $24.99 for Milorganite.  A $10/bag savings.  

Here, below, is the full photo of the back of the bag.  

It appears that this is produced by EC Grow and is a private label version of their traditional fertilizer that carries the "Max" trade name.    

I'll be running this stuff through the process this year as my Milorganite/E-Corganite replacement.  


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