Front Lawn: 2 Bags of e-Corganite Down - May 2021

Trying to put down a marker in the lawn diary that I feed the front yard a couple bags of this new Milorganite competitor from Menards called e-Corganite.  It is a 4-3-O 'eco-friendly' product that carries all of the claims that Milorganite does in terms of being heavy in iron, being non-burning and slow release.   Right before Memorial Day Weekend, I threw down two full bags of this fertilizer on the front lawn, the parkway and the 'between two driveways' turf.  I bought five bags, but when I decided to put down a synthetic weed and feed in the backyard about a week ago, I held off on spreading any of this in the backyard.  

Here's what the bag looks like:

For my record-keeping purposes, this is the third application to the front yard.  

First, I used a bag of Ironite on the front in mid/late April.  

Followed up by 1/3rd of the bag of Soil Mastery soil conditioner featuring biochar, humic acid, sea kelp and lime at the end of April.  I'm going to do a second application of this stuff right after the holiday weekend. when I can see what the e-Corganite has done to green things up.

Also, of note....Menards is being sued on this stuff.  Go read the whole story here.  If this e-Corganite product performs the same as Milorganite solves two pain points: 1.  Availability.  And 2.  rising costs - then I'm going to be a convert.

Milorganite has been hard to find as more people start using it for their lawns.  And, that's resulted in a cost increase.  At my local Menards this Spring, I didn't see a pallet of Milo at all.  Home Depot near me usually has a pallet early in the Season, but I didn't check this year. 

When I first started using Milorganite in 2017/2018, I was buying a bag of it for $9.  Now, it is about 2x that.  What is interesting is that SINCE that lawsuit was posted, it seems that the price of Milorganite has dropped (at least at Menards) where they are matching the price of e-Corganite.  


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