Getting To Know The Thailand Giant - February 2023

I've been TRYING to do more with tropicals outside over the years.  One of them that I've had the MOST success with - in multiple years - are what I call "Elephant Ears".  Colocasia.  I've grown them in containers a few times and even had some pretty big (or so I thought!) ones like this one in 2021.  

The folks at The Growing Place sent out an email that included some new/interesting plants for 2023 and it included a look at a Colocasia.  But...not just any.  This one is "gigantea".  It is also know as the 'Thailand Giant'.  

Below is a photo showing this giant elephant ear off via The Growing Place (Source):

That sure is...something.   Pretty big.  Walters Garden has this to say:
To say that this plant will dwarf any plant you already own would be putting it mildly! ‘Thailand Giant’ is much larger than C. gigantea. Its glaucous green leaves can measure a whopping 5' long x 4' wide each. Full grown plants typically reach 9ft tall, though some grown in tropical climates have reportedly reached 20'.
Seems like something like this would need a BIG container, doesn't it?

That's job number two - the pot.  

What's job one?  Sourcing a bulb.  I see some oneline for $30ish.    Added one of these to my list already.  I can see it being a pretty great patio companion.


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