Tulip Tips Emerging Early - February 2023

Just a few days ago, I posted photos of what I think is the earliest emergence of the tips of Hellebores in our backyard and talked about how I'm not sure what is driving this early Spring.  When I was out front, I noticed that there are other things *already* moving in the garden.  Specifically...some tulips.  Down in the little bed wedged in between the sidewalk, our driveway and the property line are some tulips that were planted in Fall of 2021.  Last year was their first season and I noted their emergence in early March.  So - just like with the Hellebores - this is about three weeks earlier than last year. 

Here, below, is a peek at some of the tulip foliage that has sprung up.  

These are MOST LIKELY going to need a little protection from getting trampled by the kids and neighbors and their dogs. 

I looked in a few other spots - around the parkway tree and underneath the Triumph Elm that we planted last year and I don't see any other growth just yet.  These appear to be ahead of cycle, but the ones under the Elm tree are going to be an interesting situation as they were dug up/buried/destroyed during the removal of the Norway Maple, grinding of the stump and planting of the new tree.  


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